Thinking Differently: My LD/ADHD Journey to Empowerment

Presented by:
Liam Haller, Eye to Eye Diplomat, Scarsdale High School

Liam struggled with reading as a kid, but his hard work and sheer tenacity helped him to get through school. Once he got to high school, though, his challenges caught up with him, and he found an ally in his Freshman English teacher. Since then—equipped with the diagnosis of dyslexia and dysgraphia—Liam has excelled as a student and an Eye to Eye leader.

Join Liam as he walks you through his journey of educational and personal change, providing a new understanding of dyslexia, LD/ADHD, and “learning” itself during his webinar. At the core is a message of personal empowerment, academic success, and educational revolution for people who think differently. His presentation also will provide practical, accessible tips for academic success.