k3000 Feature Updates for September

You’ll see a few new features this month! In k3000 web app (firefly)—which you can get to through www.kurzweil3000.com—learners can extract both notes and highlights into the web editor—now including word prediction. Educators and students alike can create text and sticky notes in the k3000 iPad app, opening a world of opportunities. Take a look at all of the updates in the list below…after you get the new k3000 Read the Web Chrome Extension (it’s so sleek!).

k3000 Feature Updates in September

  • Read the Web got a facelift and is now available as a Chrome Extension
  • Extract notes and highlights online to create a study guide or writing outline
  • Writing in the k3000 Web Editor is now easier with Word Prediction
  • Create Text and Sticky notes in the iPad app to engage students or complete assignments
  • A new button for the Talking Calculator in k3000 Win makes it easier to find
  • Changing background and text color in k3000 Win is as easy as clicking a button
  • Offline Mode is now available for 2 full weeks—literacy support for holiday and vacations is here
  • Snap a picture with your phone and open it with k3000 because .jpg files can now be read
  • Don’t forget to use the Automater (which is running very smoothly with k3000 v15) to upload large files or lots of files efficiently

If you missed it, here’s a re-cap of feature updates in August.