k3000 Feature Updates for October


For October, the team made updates to help simplify your day. From changing the arrangement of the buttons in the talking calculator, or more leeway on adjusting the zoom in the web app—students have more options for making kurzweil 30000 (k3000) their own. You can even take a photo of a document with your iPad (or phone) and upload it directly to the k3000 Web App. Take a look below are what else is new in October.

Here’s a List of k3000 Feature Updates in October

Watch the to below webinar learn more about these updates, or contact us for a guided tour.

  • Customizing Talking Calculator helps tasks seem less arduous
  • Simplify your day with updates to user management online; including enabling password editing and featuring locking for tests
  • Snap a photo of a document and upload to the online library—k3000 Web App can read .png and .jpegs
  • Zoom lower than 100% in the k3000 Web App gives you more opportunity to adjust reading to your liking
  • k3000 iPad App now highlights in 2 new colors; orange and gray

If you missed it, here’s a re-cap of feature updates in July.