k3000 Features Updates for June

The big news this month is the new Offline Mode for subscription users. If a user loses their internet connection or is working from a location without internet, they can still work offline. Additional updates were made to the k3000 web applications. In other news, the team launched a new version for non-subscription users, which includes many of the new features you’ve already had available to you through your subscription to k3000.

Here’s a List of k3000 Feature Updates in June

  • Forgot your password? The process to retrieve your password has been updated.
  • Copy files from the k3000 Universal Library
  • Offline mode is available for installed versions of k3000 who have a web license subscription
  • A new version 15 has been launched for non-subscription users (take a look)

If you missed it, here’s a re-cap of feature updates in May.

How-tos are coming soon.