k3000 Feature Updates for April

April’s updates boast of new features in k3000 that focus on function—from adding and deleting folders in the k3000 web app to zone editing bliss. We hope you enjoy these updates!

Take a Look at Updates Made in April

Read the how-to blog and try them out for yourself, or let us know if you’d like a guided tour.

  • Add and delete folders in the k3000 web app (known as firefly)
  • Edit multiple zone edit selections, just CTRL-Click
  • Select a PDF range using bookmarks to specify—or jump to—a location in a PDF to start the OCR process
  • Google Drive is now synched with k3000 web, Mac, and Win versions
  • Usage reports show more detail, specifically time usage in “hh:mm”
  • PNG was added to the list of image files that k3000 can read

Watch for a quick how-to’s that include PDF Range and Dual Zone Editing.