Intro for Brandman University Students

Learning Hacks Using k3000

College life is demanding. Considering that 85% of all learning in college stems from independent reading,* becoming a more efficient reader is a good place to face these demands head-on. To help you get started, we compiled a list of hacks using kurzweil 3000 (k3000) that are based on effective learning techniques. Watch the below video for a quick introduction, then try each hack with a current assignment.

Hack 1: Make k3000 Your Own with Customization

You are unique. A classmate may swear by Rod as a text-to-speech voice, but you may prefer Deepa. While choosing the right voice may seem trivial, it actually impacts your ability to learn. Take a few minutes to play around with the many text-to-speech voices and audio options; including speed and and mode—a few minutes now may save you time later.

Hack 2: Quickly Access Content in k3000

The question we’re asked most often is how to get content into k3000. Our answer: it depends on what you need to access. Let’s say your professor gives you a printed assignment schedule, take a picture of it with your phone then upload the picture to k3000. That’s it. If you’re uploading a full text book we recommend you save each chapter as its own file. Watch the video on using Page Range.

Hack 3: Stay Focused with These Features

The thing about college reading is that it’s filled with words you’ve never seen or that look somewhere familiar, but you’re not really sure what they mean. You can get the definition or translate a full passage within k3000, helping you to stay on task. Additional features, including multi-color highlighters, work to ensure that you’re not just reading an assignment—you’re actually learning from it. Learn how to create vocab study guides by watching this video.

Hack 4: Save Time by Preparing First

Before you jump in ask “what is the purpose of this assignment?” Are you preparing for a test or a paper? Knowing what the end result should be will save you time. Discover how to use templates to take better notes, create study guides with column notes, or watch how to prepare for a writing assignment. Your life outside of college is important too—use your time wisely so that you can keep a healthy balance.
That’s all we’ve got for today! Come back soon to discover new features and updates in k3000 to improve your learning. Just one last piece of advice before you leave—go to class. While independent reading will take up most of your time at college, attending class is one of the most important factors for getting a passing grade.

*Nist and Simpson 2000