Kurzweil Education is a recognized leader in the K-12, higher education and adult learning markets, offering literacy solutions, tools and training that enable those with learning differences and challenges to succeed. With a distinguished 18+-year track record of innovation and a powerful commitment to creating opportunities for every learner, the company serves thousands of schools and districts worldwide.

Meet the Blog Team


Corey Navis, M.Ed, M.S.

Sr. Account Executive, Kurzweil Education

Corey Navis, MEd; M.S. has experience as a 4th grade teacher, Head Administrator at Sheboygan Christian Grade School, and Head of Schools at Sheboygan County Christian Grade Schools. Most recently, he was Headmaster for a K-12 school system. In addition, he was a consultant with nonprofits helping schools achieve financial viability and a strong community presence. Combining his classroom and consultancy experience, Corey recently joined Kurzweil Education as an account executive. He is passionate about helping students reach their full potential in the classroom.


Karen Narvol

Assistive Technology Consultant, Kurzweil Education Trainer

Karen has 42 years of experience as an elementary school teacher, instructional technology specialist, and assistive technology consultant with school districts and intermediate units in south-central and eastern Pennsylvania.

She is currently working as an independent assistive technology consultant and trainer with contracts with Kurzweil Education, Bookshare, and Perkins School for the Blind.


suzanne-feitSuzanne Feit

National Consultant, Training Specialist for Kurzweil Education

Over the past 35 years I have become nationally known as an educator and technology advocate for special needs students of all ages; supporting educators and parents of students with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and significant cognitive challenges. My Role, is to take the curriculum, make it accessible to students for practice, reinforcement, skill development as well as, data collection. My Goal, is to provide, through the application of adaptive technologies, access to information for all students.


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