Kurzweil 3000 Gets a New Look


Over the past 20 years Kurzweil Education has developed an excellent reputation in both the K-12 and postsecondary markets with our literacy support technology, kurzweil 3000® (k3000™). Ask people who have used k3000 extensively and they will tell you that it has one of the most comprehensive suite of features that can be used to help students in many different ways. The engineers at Kurzweil Education have been hard at work re-designing k3000. They made it simpler to use, but retained all the robust functionality that makes it so valuable.

”K3000 is multi-modality; it’s auditory, visual, and tactile. Therefore, it engages every part of the brain and reaches every type of learner. – Mary Hinson, Consultant”

start screenWelcome to the New Start Screen

When students enter k3000 they need a roadmap of where to go next. The new start screen is the center of k3000. It’s a place where students will start their journey and get them to where they need to go, faster.
• Open a document or choose from the recent file list to resume work on an existing project.
• Choose the writing button to start a new document.
• Choose Scanning, a vital task for document preparation.


audio option menuInside the new k3000

Once students have chosen a path from the start screen they move into the sleek, new user interface. You’ll notice that the toolbars are now located on the left rather than at the top. This gives more vertical room for documents, allowing more information to display on the screen. The user experience is improved by eliminating the distraction of all of the tools at the top—instead the student can put more focus on the text. Context sensitive toolbars further reduce the clutter.

The feature icons are now larger, which should make it easier for students to identify them. They are both simple and monochromatic to keep the distractions at a minimum. What’s great is that the most common tools—features that cross reading, writing, and scanning—are now placed at the top. These include the play button for text-to-speech in addition to “go forward” or “go back” for reading units.

scanNew Navigation Simplifies Learning Pathways

In addition to our robust feature set, educators like that k3000 is also process driven. It’s features and applications for reading, reading comprehension, study skills, writing, and test-taking that are equally strong and all maintained within one intuitive environment. The new navigation was designed to guide students through this learning process.

When stepping into K3000 students can very quickly start the reading process. The same tools for extracting meaning from the text are all still there. Students can access study guides and other features for reinforcing their comprehension. They can highlight text, extract it into outlines or graphic organizers to begin the writing process.

Get a closer look at the new design that offers an intuitive user experience and reduces the learning curve. Contact us for a guided tour or join us for an upcoming webinar.

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