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How to Prepare Students in Self-Contained Classrooms for Inclusion in General Education

Written By Tim Villegas, Founder of ThinkInclusive & Special Educator According to the Office of Special Education Programs, seventeen percent of students with any disability spend all or most of their days in segregated environments. For students with moderate to severe disabilities (including autism) it may be even more. Educators have a range of reactions to this number. Perhaps you

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Five Steps to Motivation with Universal Design for Learning

Written by Karen Narvol One of the biggest issues facing teachers in classrooms across the country is the unmotivated student. Teachers have to address two challenges: changing the student’s thinking so that he believes that he can be successful with instructional tasks and determining what motivates the student and fosters his interest. An unmotivated student may not see the value

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Let’s Start Writing! Inspiring Young EAL (English as Additional Language) Students to Write in English.

Written by teacher and literacy specialist, Jill Duncan Gozdowski. Edited by Matthew James Friday Students who are learning English as an additional language are an exceptionally diverse group. The variations in level of education and English language proficiency may sometimes leave you wondering where to start. Today we’re bringing you back to basics with a writing assignment in Jill’s kindergarten

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