Kurzweil Education: A New Era Begins


The change from summer to fall often marks the time of great change. A time of new beginnings. As the summer of 2014 begins the transition to fall, it is clear that change has been in the air here at Kurzweil Education.

Perhaps you didn’t notice, but our name has changed to reflect our reinvigorated efforts towards the learners and educators we’re honored to serve. Kurzweil Educational Systems is now Kurzweil Education. You may ask, “What’s in a name?” Our answer would be, “Quite a lot, actually!” The Kurzweil name itself carries better than thirty years of positive results for those we serve, dating back to the first reading machine created by Ray Kurzweil in the late 70’s. Of course, the core of our focus is education, so we couldn’t leave that out. However, with change in the air, it was time for fresh start here at the old, new Kurzweil Education.

In some ways change is what we strive for, changing people’s lives. When students and teachers share their stories about the difference Kurzweil Education makes for them, you hear the power of transformation, the newfound confidence that comes with literacy success, and the personal pride in achievement. We are proud that our technology changes lives. Today and for the future, we are embarking on a new era of service, support and innovation—one that enables real learning to happen and helps unlock each learner’s unique potential.

KurzweilEdu_new-releaseEarlier this summer, as the weather really shifted into high gear, we released updates to Kurzweil 3000-firefly. In all, there were more than forty enhancements in one update! From thirty new voices representing eighteen languages to academic vocabulary lists to updated dictionaries, it is all about enhancing learning for the users of our products. Whether that learning be for educational, professional, or personal purposes, we are single-mindedly driven to bring the very best solutions and tools to learners anytime, anywhere.

As summer gives way completely to the fall and winter months, stay tuned as firefly and the iPad app continue their metamorphoses into full-fledged solutions for reading, comprehending, and demonstrating knowledge; through enhancements to existing features and the addition of new tools to support change in our user’s lives, which will continue into the future. These are, indeed, very exciting times at Kurzweil Education.

Tune in as you prepare for the back-to-school season to learn more about how we spent our summer break!

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