Half Hour Coffee Breaks with Classroom Suite

IntelliTools_WebinarRecognizing that time is something you don’t have, we created a series of half hour “coffee break” webinars focusing on one topic in Classroom Suite. If you’re not familiar with Classroom Suite, the product is software that combines systematic, explicit instruction with flexible creativity tools to help you differentiate curriculum for your students.

Classroom Suite is so feature rich, it was a challenge to fit each topic into a half hour, but we succeeded! And just what did we demonstrate?

1. The easy (and correct) way to download from the Classroom Suite Activity Exchange. The Activity Exchange contains thousands of activities that have been created for the purpose of sharing – and it’s free! There’s no reason to spend time creating something that has already been done If you’ve tried to access the thousands of activities in the Exchange but failed, watch this recording.

2. How to add your own, or someone else’s, voice to activities. Imagine the reaction when your students hear YOUR voice as they do their Classroom Suite activities! Watch how to do this.

3. How to create a “cause and effect” activity. Make your own or check out the dozens of cause and effect activities on the Activity Exchange by searching for “cause and effect.” And don’t forget to download from the Activity Exchange correctly (see #1 above)!

4. How to create a Classroom Suite book and make it accessible using IntelliKeys. A book can be a student’s biography, or a book report, or a story created by your student. Learn how to do this.

These half hour webinars are a great way to get started using Classroom Suite. Have fun with them! (And don’t forget to visit the Classroom Suite Activity Exchange.)

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