Take a Field Trip to the Moon? Why not!

Virtual Field Trip

Did your field trip budget get cut? Here are creative, no cost alternatives to tour the world and beyond without leaving the classroom. Take your students on virtual field trips with educational—and highly engaging—apps. Blast off into space as a group or let students choose their own adventure.

Kurzweil-virtual-field-trip_NASA-ScienceJourney into Outer Space
Take a trip to Mars or other habitable planets, then explore the effects of space weather and global warming on Earth with NASA Science. Interactive maps, movies, and old fashioned reading help to bring this app to life as students uncover mysteries hidden throughout the universe.

Tip: Send students on group missions to collect information and report their findings to the class.

battle-appsWitness Historical Battles
Walk in the footsteps of the Civil War soldiers with Battle Apps from the Civil War Trust. Maps of the battlefields reveal the strategy behind these infamous attacks, showing the exact location of historical figures as fighting commenced.

Tip: Have students use what they learned by re-enacting a famous battle or re-enacting a battle of their own.

Retrace the Life of Art
Not all students jump for joy when it comes to visiting a museum. The Life of Art app by Getty Museum is anything but boring with stunning photography, animations and 360 degree rotations. Students will watch these works of art come to life right before their eyes.

Tip: Employ students to design their own works of art. Start them on a search for design inspirations then have them present their ideas.

Have you planned a virtual field trip before? Share your favorite trip with us on Facebook.

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