What’s for dinner? Favorite Thanksgiving dishes from the Kurzweil Team.

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It’s the 11th hour for Thanksgiving and the amount of email and text messages about “what to bring for Thanksgiving” show it. We want to make sure we have all our favorite family dishes. Last moment running to the supermarket to purchase forgotten ingredients to make those special dishes. A little havoc in the kitchen as we prepare the Turkey…. And usually at this point it’s important to remember that it’s not the food that makes a good Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the memories that are created when brining everyone together.

From Our Table to Yours

Here is a list of dishes and traditions that help to make Thanksgiving just a little more special for our team. Some are part of an age-old tradition, while others are new memories in the making.

My Mother’s Recipe for Cranberry Relish
Shared by Debby Frohbieter


Everyone in my family agree that the secret to my mother’s recipe for Cranberry Relish is that I use my mother’s food grinder, the metal kind you attach to a counter or table and hand crank. We think the food grinder adds a taste you don’t get using a food processor or a modern food grinder. It could be the metal in the grinder, it could be the love that went into making the relish over the years, or it could be the memories watching my mother make the relish. I’m not sure. But each of my children beg me to make the relish and agree that Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without it.

One bag of fresh cranberries, one apple, and one orange put through a food grinder. Mix all together and add a bit of sugar.

Local Fare & Sausage Cornbread Stuffing
Shared by Cami Griffith

sausage-cornbread-stuffingSince being in Holliston, we have begun to purchase our turkey from a local farm/restaurant where fresh homegrown turkeys, produce and more are supplied. We order the turkey well in advance and pick up the day prior. What I like is, while there are always many people in line (regardless of the time of day), and it’s generally quite cold, the spirits are high and the conversations are pleasant.

The anticipation of entering this small store to pick up a turkey, smell of the baked goods, combined with conversation around the holiday, are now an important part of Thanksgiving for me.

In terms of my favorite dish, I find that adding a little extra to the side dishes can go a long way. One of my favorites is Sausage Cornbread Stuffing, you can find the recipe on the Food Network. Tonight, I’ll bake the corn bread in preparation.

Australian Pavlova
Shared by Miki Feldman

kiwi-passion-fruit-pavlova-smAt Thanksgiving we take the opportunity to celebrate our multiculturalism and have traditional food from all over the world. A favorite has been the Pavlova, A traditional Australian cake, meringue with whipped cream, fresh fruit – typically kiwi and berries – and a must, passion fruit pulp poured on top. As passion fruit is not easily found in the northeast I personally import cans from Australia. Once when I mistakenly left the cans in my carry on, Sydney airport security wanted to confiscate them. When I explained that I cannot purchase them in the U.S. and without them would not be able to bake Pavlovas for Thanksgiving they also decided that it was a good enough reason to let them through. We will be enjoying those cans this Thanksgiving.

Here is a recipe for Kiwi Passion Fruit Pavlova, and another for Kiwi-Berry Pavlova if you don’t have passion fruit handy.

Good Company
Shared by John Bruder

For me Thanksgiving wasn’t very fun as a kid. But at this stage of my life it’s one of the few times during the year that Jaime and I get to see my cousins Hannah and Jared. We all look forward to it tremendously.

On Thanksgiving Day, I usually get phone calls on the ride to their house excitedly asking why we aren’t there yet. Then, both before and after the meal is spent catching up, playing games, walking the dogs, giving piggy back rides, hearing about the latest things the kids HAVE to make sure we know about, etc. And at the end they always try to bribe us with something to stay longer. And starting with last year they want to play with their new baby cousin (when they aren’t jealous of her taking attention away from them). Because of these things it has become one of my favorite times of the year.

The Aftermath of Thanksgiving
Shared by Lynne Lavini

gobblerThanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, especially since I love to entertain. Each year I create the menu, send out invites to dinner, get goodies to keep the young kids entertained—and yes, I even place sticky notes on the bottom of my serving dishes to ensure each menu item is placed in the right spot. Then after a good meal, good conversation, and lots of cleanup…I’m tired. That’s when I make my favorite meal of the year, a Turkey Gobbler Sandwich. I’m not sure who originally decided to throw Thanksgiving dinner between 2 slices of bread, but I can assure you that they’re a genius!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving break enjoying the food and especially the time spent with family and friends.

Share what makes Thanksgiving special for you!

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