There’s an App for That. How do You Choose the Right One?

kesi_ipad-app-SPEDWe recently held a webinar titled “Demystifying the Apple iPad for Special Education,” presented by Jennifer Edge-Savage, assistive technologist and occupational therapist.

It’s safe to say that the iPad is a hot topic in education. We learned firsthand just how hot, when almost 2,000 people registered for our webinar! The comments we received before and during the webinar illustrate how confusing the app environment can be, especially when it comes to choosing apps for your students with special needs.

Jennifer navigated webinar attendees through the maze of options and provided a comprehensive list of resources to help identify the right app for your students.

Read about highlights from the webinar below, or watch the recorded version.

  • Why are iPads a great teaching tool for special education? Ease of use, mobility, built-in universal accessibility options, to name a few. And most importantly for your kiddos, iPads are cool. There is no stigma with using an iPad.
  • Does your school or district have an “Appy Hour?” Consider organizing one to share which apps are working or not working.
  • How do you find just the right app? Jennifer’s presentation contains two pages of links to resources for finding the app that works best for your students.
  • Don’t forget about accessories! Jennifer’s presentation also provides information on how to find the appropriate accessory to allow access to the iPad for students who have physical disabilities.
  • Accessibility is vital when interacting with students who have any type of disability. The iPad provides excellent accessibility features, especially in iOS7. Learn more about iPad accessibility by watching Dr. Luis Perez’s videos.
  • And our favorite iPad app, of course, is Kurzweil 3000-firefly. If you haven’t tried firefly, you can download a free trial today. Then choose from over 2,000 documents uploaded into the app to read.

Interested in learning more? Visit the webinar blog page to access complete information, including a link to the recording and Jennifer’s presentation.

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