Giving Thanks

kurzweil_giving_thanksWhile we have much to be thankful for—from family and friends to homemade apple pie—our gratitude for educators is insurmountable. The level of dedication and hard work you bring to work with you each day not only impacts the students you support, but helps to pave the way to a brighter future.


As we get closer to the holiday season you may feel that you have less time in the day. To show our gratitude for all of the work that you do, and to help ease the holiday burden, we pulled together a list of books to share with your students. Whether your goal is to educate students about the roots of our country or ignite their imagination, we hope you enjoy these free eBooks from the Kurzweil 3000-firefly Universal Library.

Login to then click on the below links to download each text.

kesi_zitkala-sa_old_indian_legends kesi_bower_heritage_of_sioux kesi_baum_american_fairy_tales
“Old Indian Legends” by Zitkala-Sa
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2. Download
“The Heritage of the Sioux” by Bower, B.M.
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2. Download
“American Fairy Tales” by L. Frank Baum
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2. Download

Do you support students with moderate to severe disabilities using Classroom Suite? Take a look at these activities in the Activity Exchange:

thanksgivingmatchgame thanksgivingwordweb 5littleturkeys
Thanksgiving Match Game
Thanksgiving Word Web
5 Little Turkeys
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