Six Reasons Why You Should Use Classroom Suite for Alternative Assessments

Sample of an alternate assessmentPreparing your students for the Alternate Assessment is no easy task and one that needs to be performed on an ongoing basis. Classroom Suite Primary Skills Builders is the perfect tool to help with this task.  It provides you with templates that allow you to design activities that closely resemble the format of the Alt Assessment. In fact, others have done the work for you – just go to the Classroom Suite Activity Exchange to find activities made especially for the Alt Assessment!

Not sure? Here are six reasons why you should use Classroom Suite Primary Skills Builders to get your students ready for the Alternate Assessment:

1. Create activities that are models of Universal Design for Learning (alternate means of representation, expression, and engagement).

2. Allow teachers to generate activities to use as alternatives to the standard paper pencil tests/assessments that are typically used.

3. Use activities that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

4. Deliver appropriate scaffolds to support the student as identified in their Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

5. Provide activities that are uniquely accessible to students requiring alternative assessment (IntelliKeys, IntelliSwitch, other switches).

6. Collect objective and anecdotal data to show what the student knows (a cornerstone of Alternative Assessment).

Classroom Suite is a perfect Tier 2 and Tier 3 solution for your students with moderate to severe disabilities. As a supplement to core curriculum, Classroom Suite provides basic concept building and reinforcement with the ability to create custom units and activities. As an intensive intervention tool, Classroom Suite provides more than 4,000 activities created by teachers and therapists that support foundation skills, templates that address early learning skills, and curriculum content from other curriculum developers delivered through Classroom Suite.

Right now, for every copy of Classroom Suite you purchase, you will receive Primary Skills Builders for free (a $75 value).

Contact Sales before June 30, 2013 when this special offer expires.

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