Straight from the Students’ Mouths

Rarely do we get the chance to give students the opportunity to directly tell our customers how they use Kurzweil 3000-firefly.  But we recently hosted a webinar with two college Assistive software for higher educationstudents, Mario Ball and Brian Leslie, who explained to our audience what it was like to struggle with reading before they began using Kurzweil 3000-firefly.

Mario relied on tutors and books on tape to read books. Brian also used books on tape or CD to keep up with his studies. During the webinar, they both explained that while tutors and books on tape got the job done, there were many limitations. For instance, Mario had to work around his tutors’ schedule and he wasn’t able to highlight or extract text from his books on tape. Brian didn’t like to read because it took a lot of time to find the location of where to begin reading on the tapes and CDs, making reading frustrating.

When Brian and Mario talked about their lives after Kurzweil 3000, they became very enthusiastic. Suddenly, everything changed! Mario found independence and didn’t have to rely on tutors. Not only was he able to read his textbooks on his own terms, but Kurzweil 3000 gave him the opportunity to read whatever he was interested in, not just school work, opening up a whole new world for him. Brian found that Kurzweil 3000 allowed him to finish his assignments faster, saving him precious time while in college.

The proof that Kurzweil 3000-firefly helped Brian and Mario? Brian’s GPA is 3.8, putting him well on his way to graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in electrical and computer engineering with a minor in computer science. Mario, whose grades were Cs and Ds when he relied on tutors, got A’s and Bs, graduating from Landmark College with an Associate’s in general studies. Mario continues to use Kurzweil 3000-firefly in the workplace.

It is always gratifying for us to hear how much our products help students overcome their learning disabilities and reach their full potential. Has Kurzweil 3000-firefly impacted your life? Share your story with us in the comments!

If you missed Brian and Mario’s webinar, you can listen here.

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