Filling a Gap in Preparation for the Alternate Assessment!

We recently held a webinar about how to prepare students for the Alternate Assessment. Three hundred educators registered for the webinar and was a great success! Clearly, there’s a need for tools to help special education teachers give their students the skills to master high stakes tests. We are excited to have the tools to help you enable your students to reach and demonstrate their full potential. Using Classroom Suite  and Primary Skills Builders  your students can work independently to master skills and complete tests with greater confidence and fewer mistakes.

Sample of an alternate assessment: testing shape knowledgeThe webinar was conducted by Linda Laverty, Instructional Technology Specialist for the Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources System, who is an avid Classroom Suite  and Primary Skills Builders user. She demonstrated how to formulate rigorous questions, gather pictures for answers, and import the material into Classroom Suite Primary Skills Builders. The attendees learned how to develop a Classroom Suite activity that correlated to the Alternate Assessment in both content and appearance in any subject matter. Linda was very generous to also provide samples of Alternate Assessment activities in language arts and math that correlate to the Common Core State Standards. These samples are now available on the Activity Exchange.

If you would like to learn more about how to use Classroom Suite  and Primary Skills Builders to prepare your students for the alternate assessment:

  1. Listen to the recording of the webinar.
  2. Download the Alternate Assessment activities that Linda created by going to the free IntelliTools Activity Exchange, sign in, and search for “2013 Sample Alternate Assessments.” (Also do a search on “Alternate Assessment” to find dozens of other activities!)
  3. Read more about how Primary Skills Builders supports high stakes test preparation and the Common Core States Standards.
  4. Contact your sales representative.

If you are already using Classroom Suite and Primary Skills Builders we would love to hear your comments about your work preparing your students for the assessments. Don’t forget to utilize the thousands of activities already on the Activities Exchange and to post the great activities that you have created.

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