Differentiating Curriculum using Assistive Technology

Elisa Wern, OT and AT Specialist


Coming off a few days at ATIA in Orlando, my head is brimming with new ideas, new products, and new things to implement…it can be overwhelming…but in thinking about differentiating curriculum using technology, I have a few thoughts and examples to offer, which I hope will begin a larger conversation and sharing…

We all learn differently. We all know this as adults but we have to help our students better understand this…

When recommending ideas to teachers about how to include Assistive Technology, really ANY type of technology for students, it is critical to ask the question “what do you want students to gain or learn from this?”, “what’s the essential question?” There are many ways to include AT but it has to serve that original goal…or else we aren’t meeting the needs of students.

A few thoughts/resources on differentiating curriculum:

We all know there are a ton of tools out there – so, where to start?

In my experience it all starts with how you plan…Some of the great planning and decision making resources that I have used in the past are:

Finally, a quick google search will bring a ton of learning styles inventories – some of my favorite teachers like to have their students complete one the first week – and it helps to plan out activities that meet all those styles…

What about you?  How do you make choices on how to include technology in your lessons?  What are a couple of your favorite resources?

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