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Kurzweil Educational Systems Releases firefly:

Kurzweil Educational Systems Releases firefly: A Universally Accessible Web-based Literacy Solution Kurzweil Educational Systems announced today the release of firefly, a completely web-based solution that delivers anytime, anywhere access to digital, text-based content. firefly joins the Kurzweil Educational Systems product line and works in concert with the award-winning Kurzweil 3000 software solution. With the addition of firefly, Kurzweil Educational Systems has

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Creative Ways of Reaching Students with Physical Disabilities in an Inclusion Classroom

When a student is unable to participate in classroom activities because of a physical limitation, there are endless technology possibilities to connect that student. If it is a question of physical mobility, there is so much that can be accessed from the student’s workspace. With Wi-Fi and networking, students can use a laptop or iPad from their desk and submit

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