Providing Accessible Instructional Materials for Students with Learning Difficulties

What is your Strategy for Independent Learning and Student Success?

Boys using classroom suite softwareWhen a student is identified at your school (or district or college) as having a reading disability or learning difficulty, how are they supported when it comes to accessing the curriculum? While some students may qualify for free services such as those provided by ( in order to access curriculum and other documents in digital format, the majority of struggling readers are not eligible.

Questions to ponder:

  1. Have you identified any publisher that provides their curriculum in a format that is accessible either through a text-to-speech software program or perhaps uses human recorded speech?
  2. Do you have print materials that students need to access? If so, how do struggling students access the material? Is a teacher reading to them, or are they being helped in some other way?
  3. Are the solutions you offer universally accessible? That is to say, if you provide something for a student with dyslexia, is it equally accessible to a student who is blind or to a student for whom English is a second language?

Please consider sharing your thoughts and experiences on this topic, including any questions you’d like to receive feedback on.

David Bradburn

2 thoughts on “Providing Accessible Instructional Materials for Students with Learning Difficulties

  1. I am a special needs teacher working with the chief Kahkewistahaw school, one student with Cerebral palsey is in high school. We would like to order the Kurzweilde 3000 to help this student with his learning needs. Reading is very difficult and frustrating for him. Please help is needed and an assistive device such as this may change his life. Thankyou Teresa Stevenson; Special Needs Teacher.

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